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Through our partnership with American Dream TV, We pride ourselves in being able to share our community with over 60 million viewers daily through the power of social media and television. The American Dream offers the Faifman Group a unique opportunity to be featured on a National Television show. With Mikhail Faifman as our power player, we are able to work alongside our production and video team to create the best content to feature your communities, business, and properties. Our Power Players have access to experienced Producers, Video Editors, Videographers and so much more.

Weston’s Best Kept-Secret, The Weston Field Club

Know Your Community With Weston Town Hall

Weston, Connecticut is known for its strong community, thanks to the local officials who look after the day to day activities. Watch our latest segment on The American Dream as I meet with the town’s First Selectman, Chris Spaulding to discuss the upcoming projects for the community of Weston, CT. To learn more about Weston Town Hall, click here

Know Your Community With Wilton Parks and Recreation

Wilton Parks and Recreation offers a wide range of programs for residents of all ages. We had the opportunity to discuss them with Program Director, Steve Pierce at Merwin Meadows Park in Wilton, CT. Watch as Mikhail takes a stroll down the gorgeous park while highlighting the towns biggest attractions. Current program offerings can be found in the Wilton Parks and Recreation brochure.

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Would you like to be featured in our next TV segment? Whether you are a local business or a homeowner looking for your home to be viewed by millions of televisions viewers, we want to hear from you!

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