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Spring Time Real Estate

Spring. An Excellent Time to Sell the Home.

Written by Lauren Kroutil | Marketing Director & Licensed in CT.

5 Reasons Spring Time is the best time to sell your home.

Warm weather motivates people to get active: see and do new things. The harsh winters leave us all craving for outdoor time and sunshine more than ever! The first signs of Spring tend to bring people out of their lethargy, leading them to see what else is going on in the world around them. Look at all those magnolia trees! Yes, your home looks amazing with that new landscaping… With that being said, here are the top 5 proven reasons why the spring season is the best time to sell real estate.

1. Move-up Buyers or Downsizing

Are you a homeowner who is dissatisfied with your current home? Maybe you’ve started a family and now it’s time to find a bigger home that would provide more space. The move-up buyer is usually looking for somewhere bigger, or upgrading in some manner. Move-up buyers are at a place in their life where they are financially secure enough to want to buy a home that may have a larger mortgage than their current one. As well as this, you have homeowners who wish to downgrade in some way. Homeowners who are downsizing will often look for a home that is smaller and usually has a cheaper mortgage. 

2. You may sell your home for more $

The spring is primarily dominated by a seller’s market, making it a good time to sell your house. This gives the seller the chance to price their house as they deem fit while maximizing profits and selling their homes faster. During a seller’s market, bidding wars may arise, and buyers may end up competing among themselves.

3. Warmer weather motivates buyers

Thanks to the spring’s warm weather, the market experiences a buyer’s influx competing for the available listings. Many homebuyers, mainly families, begin to look for their dream homes because it’s a good time to move with school-going children.

4. It’s a comfortable time to move

You can move without worrying about shivering in the cold or ruining furniture in the snow, bitterly cold temperatures, and ice when moving to your new home. Sunny, warm weather actually makes showing property fun and enjoyable. People are willing to be outside! If you want to beat the heat and the cold when moving, then spring is the ideal time to move.

5. Curb Appeal is living its best life

The spring’s warm weather boosts your curb appeal by ensuring the outdoors are filled with green grass, blooming flowers, and leafy greens, making your home look its best. Improved curb appeal not only attracts potential buyers but also increases your home’s value, boosting return on investment and making spring an excellent time to sell.

The backyard of a Weston home sets the stage for a lovely outdoor evening.

The decision to sell a house is usually personal and can be impacted by several factors. Consider listing your house for sale in a spring market to take advantage of potentially high prices and a large pool of buyers. Call us to find out what your home is worth or visit our Home Valuation page here.

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