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How does this market impact you?

We make it easy for you buy the home you want before you sell yours.

Want to Unlock up to 80% Equity?

Here’s why you should stop listening to all the headlines…

We can buy your home, unlocking your equity.

At the same time, without having to be rushed while moving into your new house that we will purchase for you. Continue living there until it sells. We can buy the house you want with cash, so you can purchase the home you want with that cash! This gives you the ultimate sell and buy solution that could ever possibly exist.Deal is subject to qualification and approval. This is a great program for those who qualify. We understand that every case is different and this is why we have agents who will explain all the program details based on your needs. For whatever reasons and the deal does not fall in your lap, we can buy your house, you still occupy your home up to 80%

Want to learn more?

Contact us to discuss our any of our home buying and selling programs that have helped our clients acheive or exceed their real estate goals!

Mikhail Faifman Team

William Raveis Real Estate Mortgage & Insurance

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Lauren Kroutil

represent both buyers and sellers in the Greenwich and surrounding neighborhoods. The market and property values are ever changing and I'd like to offer an opportunity to review the comparable sales data and inform you what your property could be worth if you decide to sell. This is a free, no obligation service I provide homeowners. Please reach out to me via email or text and I'll send you a personalized property report. What do you think your property will be worth? I look forward to hearing from you.
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